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Treat yourself this Christmas: Card Reading and your face on whatever you want (preferably paper or canvas+)

£20 per hour for a card reading and for an A4 format portrait on paper

£30 per hour for a card reading and for an A3 format portrait on paper






price for larger format portraits or in depth reedings may be discussed

I prefere to do your cards and draw your portrait for you dear people in person, however due to strange days that are currently upon us, I am willing to skype with you

If you would like to arrange an appointement, please contact my assistant on 00 44 (0) 777 55 928 55 and ask to speak to Natalia:)

+ canvas, wood, lino, steel..... and other supports are responsibility of a customer

= unique cards of many types can and shall be read (maroccan fez tarot, zoltar, pexeso, behemian tarot...)

examples of previos portraits here

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