Mighty Aprodity

Cyprus September 2019

I AM staying in a small village called Peyia on a hill above the sea. Its in Cyprus. Views, sea and constant sunshide are doing me a lot of good.

The village is tiny with a beautiful church. I somehow ended up there on Sunday Morning at their services. I have never seen Greek Orthodox Service in action. The congregation does not sing - all the singing if left to the guys in the front. Three on the left side, three on the right - all men with amazing voices. They alternate their beautiful songs. When I closed my eyes and let the voices flow through me I felt my heart pumping. It was magical.

After that I went to the shop right behind the church and upstairs in a place with no customers I found this postcard.

When the cashier lay her eyes on it, they nearly popped out. She looked at me quizzically...

‘It’s very very beautiful, isn’t it? ‘ I chirped.

After that we were friends🙂🙃

That’s the power of  Aphrodite

I multiplied the card (ako Majka z Gurunu) and I am sending them to 21 people. Lets see how many shall reach their destination and how many will get lost…