Inner sanctum


Hlava mapa

& my grandfather, and Darker with the day, and sirens of titan and amerika and the rock in Sucany. And my friends from there and their wives girlfriends german shepards and THE LITTLE DUCK as well as all the people I became, even Jonny and shockheaded peter 

Snow in Hell Angels Sing

created in our room, ours means we are renting it

me and C, but landlord wants us out. Apparently we already created our own value in this flat. AT LAST! It's just , he is a businessman and I am ... some kind of slovakian, so I am wondering what he really means. I lived here with C for last three years paying rent on time etc. The room is in a shared flat. We were here alone the other room was empty during almost the whole covid. Last month he installed new tennants from Poland in the spare room. One of them came to self isolate in the room, only just ariving from Poland. I am not afraid of covid so I really don t have a problem sharing with people. however what now share the kitchen and bathroom with  us is not quite oxford. 

Time to start packing, where to turn is unclear